Asher Roth :: On His G.R.I.N.D.

Asher Roth is an interesting artist. Initially thought to be the next Great White Hype, his debut was solid but left a bit to be desired in my opinion. Since then, his star has been eclipsed by the uber-talented Yelawolf. But this record is a step in the right direction. It has that hip-pop crossover sound that the kids are diggin’ these days but, as a duepayer, I was more drawn to the message than anything. Like I always say, rather than force feed edutainment to the masses you gotta put that pepto bismol in a bottle of YooHoo. Make it fun to listen while serving up some good food for thought. But what really brought it home for me was the visuals. Again, I was drawn to the authenticity of the imagery. Just like NY, LA is definitely a “feast or famine” type of town. You’re either doin’ it way big or hustlin’ to get by. This video does a great job of depicting the Hollyhood side of LA. Not mad at this at all.


LA Bound

LA hat

Its funny how things come together. I’ve been rockin’ this hat for the past year just to be different. I’ve been out to LA once and actually didn’t care for it too much. At least not in comparison to New York. To be fair, it was the last stop after a long 26 city tour (Lolapalooza 2003) working for theTruth, so I was really just ready to get back home. I didn’t quite have the energy to really “do LA” and give the city a fair shot. Since then I’ve been hoping to take another trip out there but never could quite find the time to do it. So when I was offered an opportunity to take on a new challenge and relocate to LA for a new job at CBS, of course I jumped at the chance. I’m really looking forward to getting a taste of the California lifestyle. As my homie CJ told me a few days ago, I’ve always thought that “LA was more my speed.” I’m a laid back dude for the most part so the slower pace should suit my personality much better. I’m hella excited to get out there but I’m definitely gonna miss New York – specifically my newfound love affair with Brooklyn. But I’ll be back sooner than later. I’m especially excited to take some new pictures out there. Can’t wait to share those and my new experiences with you all. Wish me luck!