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Let Me Be

The silver skyline sighs for sunshine,
Waiting for me to glow from below,
Darkness seeks peace,
In what we reap and sow,
Withered roses show their age,
From baseless praise,
Reminiscing on brighter days,
Made of quick sand,
True as lips land,
In regions meant for pleasing,
So rests a heart seasoned in angst,
Looking for love where it aint,
Hope grows faint,
Painting days with jade,
But the trick is to never let it fade,
So I pray for days,
Where fair skin,
Leads to something deeper within,
And a darker hue,
is shown the love it is due,
I am meant for you,
As time is to fate,
Knowing you’ll come,
Not a moment too late,
Place me where I should be,
Under duress,
To summon the strength with which I was blessed,
But know not,
Test my spirit,
with lyrics that beckon a better me,
So I can sing my true melody,
but above all else,
just let me be

Written on July 16th, 2010. 1 Comment


I’m a star that’s lost its way in the galaxy,
with no one to travel with me,
do I push onward,
and say goodbye to a familiar sky,
or find my way back by the twinkle in your eye,
my soul has been so blue that,
part of me yearns to see a new hue,
still I’m hoping that fate guides me back to you,
to a place serene like the ravine that runs through my dreams,
immersing me in the spirit of the unseen,
wouldn’t it be something,
to be all and nothing,
a freedom all encompassing,
an end to the searching and wanting,
I’ll never know unless I go,
if you are truly the ebb to my flow,
so I’m off with a heavier heart
and another lesson in tow.

Written on May 31st, 2010. 2 Comments

he said, she said

he thinks, she feels,
both true, but what’s real,
he rations his passion,
she wants to make love ever-lasting,
he yearns, she sighs,
reading the wrong signs in his eyes,
he makes clear his intentions,
but to herself she lies,
he prays for the one,
but she’s already sprung,
he counts the days till the end,
she feels they’ve only just begun…

Written on May 13th, 2010. 6 Comments

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