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Here’s a poem I wrote not too long ago. I rarely feel inspired anymore but I remember this moment of clarity. Hope you enjoy it…

I’m a star that’s lost its way in the galaxy,
with no one to travel with me,
do I push onward,
and say goodbye to a familiar sky,
or find my way back by the twinkle in your eye,
my soul has been so blue that,
part of me yearns to see a new hue,
still I’m hoping that fate guides me back to you,
to a place serene like the ravine that runs through my dreams,
immersing me in the spirit of the unseen,
wouldn’t it be something,
to be all and nothing,
a freedom all encompassing,
an end to the searching and wanting,
I’ll never know unless I go,
if you are truly the ebb to my flow,
so I’m off with a heavier heart
and another lesson in tow.

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