Brian Ennals :: When You Wake Up

Brian Ennals - When You Wake Up“There’s a misconception that women are more emotional than men…that’s complete bullshit”

And with that Brian Ennals sets off a fiery diatribe of a jilted lover. To say that this record isĀ relate-ableĀ is an understatement. We’ve all felt that sickening feeling after being rejected or broken up with and dreamed up some nasty retribution that we’d never share with anyone for fear of being labeled a stalker or just plain curayzee. Well, Brian clearly has no qualms about that. Clocking in at just under four minutes, he wishes all types of ill will on his former lover – from birthing a “special” baby with her newfound flame to getting the monster from him – despite his own admitted flaws. All proving what I propose to be a new twist on an old idiom.

“Hell hath no fury like a playa scorned”

One reply on “Brian Ennals :: When You Wake Up”

WTF…. ok…I came on here like I wonder if this nigga put some new shit up… so I listen to the song…the song is real, but on valentine’s day tho? To wish somebody had a retarded kid and get burned is just plain crazy…why don’t he just go fuck her best friend or sister like a normal nigga would.

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