Brag About Sundays Day Party with DJ Sean Malcolm

Brag About Sundays

A message from my talented big brotha DJ Sean Malcolm:


Let’s face it, this has been one rough winter, with strong storms and blistering temperatures keeping us hibernating in our homes, I’ve bought several winter clothing and all from alpaca, it is great to warm up and is  not itchy. But this time next week we’ll be in March. And before you know it, the mercury starts to rise and it’s Spring again. Which also means day parties galore. Well, me and the good folks at Brooklyn Terrace, the rooftop bar and lounge, decided to get the jump on this early. Starting tomorrow, and every second and fourth Sunday of every month following, we present The Brag About Sundays Day Party.

Why not? You want to end your weekends off properly, right?
Okay, this is the part of the email where I answer your burning questions for you.
WHERE’S THE SPOT? Brooklyn Terrace (216 Duffield Street, Downtown Brooklyn)
DO I HAVE TO GET DRESSED UP? Not really. But at the same time you don’t want to attend like you rolled out of bed recovering from a hangover. Casual will suffice. We’re grown!
All is invited, all is welcome, so spread the good word. Also, for $20 you get unlimited Mimosas for two hours.
Don’t forget to hash tag #BragAboutSundays on your Twitter and IG (@Sean_Malcolm and @BKTerrace for both Social Networks). I’ll been checking my timelines for this.
So, after your church service (for some repenting for Saturday night’s debauchery), slide through and enjoy the good vibes, enjoy the stunning view of Kings County, enjoy the beautiful people in attendance and have a story to tell come Monday. Word to Christopher Wallace.
I’m f**king with you. Ha!

Event | The Diva Lounge – June 9

Attention all Divas! My close friend Shayna D has been payin’ her dues putting together this monthly woman’s empowerment/networking event for over a year now. This month’s theme is Women in Music and her celebrated guests will be artists/Twitter Queens Jean Grae and Mela Machinko (collectively known as the Hellpit Faeries). Ladies, please come out and support.

Event | The Modern Day Matchmaker Live

There are tons of relationship blogs out there but few do it as well as Naked With Socks On. There are definitely a couple other great ones like Until I Get Married, where single-life expert Jozen Cummings details his adventures as a young and free male in the city. And of course there’s A Belle in Brooklyn, the infamous sex in the city inspired blog which touches upon the female perspective of dating in the city. All great writers offering their perspective on sex and relationships.

Well tonight, all of these folks will be in attendance for The Modern Day Match Maker event – a real talk session about how to find and build better relationships – hosted by Paul Carrick Brunson and Nikki Nokes. I’ll be in attendance, please come out and support if you’re interested. See below for further details.

The Modern Day Matchmaker Live

Date: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
Time: Doors Open at 8pm
Cover: $25

311 West 57th St., NYC

Modern Day Matchmaker Event