Asher Roth :: On His G.R.I.N.D.

Asher Roth is an interesting artist. Initially thought to be the next Great White Hype, his debut was solid but left a bit to be desired in my opinion. Since then, his star has been eclipsed by the uber-talented Yelawolf. But this record is a step in the right direction. It has that hip-pop crossover sound that the kids are diggin’ these days but, as a duepayer, I was more drawn to the message than anything. Like I always say, rather than force feed edutainment to the masses you gotta put that pepto bismol in a bottle of YooHoo. Make it fun to listen while serving up some good food for thought. But what really brought it home for me was the visuals. Again, I was drawn to the authenticity of the imagery. Just like NY, LA is definitely a “feast or famine” type of town. You’re either doin’ it way big or hustlin’ to get by. This video does a great job of depicting the Hollyhood side of LA. Not mad at this at all.