Pool Shark

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LOL. I didn’t even see that myself. I was gonna lie and say some artistic BS but u caught me slippin.

BTW, this is the best dive bar in the city. Bull Moose! Yall gotta come chill with us after work one day. Good times!

1st that is a really nice pic! 2nd I guess since Ray wuz bussin u up on the pool table u had downtime to take pics! ROTFLMAO!!! And last but not least… I miss da Moose dayz! 🙁

Nothin’ like shooting a subject in their natural setting. You and I are gonna talk about lighting, by the way. How DO you do it?

yeah, I absolutely love shots in natural light. its difficult to do indoors tho. I just use the manual shutter speed settings until I get the right exposure. Jenn’s man Gary actually put me on to that.

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