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Bobby Womack – California Dreamin

Best of Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack
Best of Bobby Womack


Bobby Womack is a baaaaad mofo. I remember being at my parent’s crib sitting in my room and hearing this come on in the living room. I came out to get a closer listen because it was just callin’ me. All I could hear was the groove. You know, the type that makes you do that yuck face. I wasn’t really familiar with Bobby’s music at the time but one of my Pop’s best friends Smitty, God rest his soul, was always eager to put me on. Drink in hand, two-steppin as usual, he gave me a spirited rundown and rendition of some of Bobby’s greatest hits, most notably Woman’s Gotta Have It which also blew my mind. I’ll never forget that. For you brothas out there that don’t know how to treat a lady, take a listen and get your mind right…

Woman’s Gotta Have It

But I digress, California Dreamin’ has been my muse for the moment as my LA relocation approaches. This is definitely going to be one of the first songs I play when I touch down out West. Can’t wait!

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