J. Cole :: Born Sinner (Album Sampler)

No sophomore slump. This shit bumps.


Hennessy :: Art of Blending

Dope documentary put together by Hennessy artistry bringing together a bevy of your favorite artists live on stage to the backdrop of the Legendary Roots crew. Makes for a great organic music experience. Directed by Thibault De Longeville of ‘Just for Kicks‘ fame.

Full video here or here (for the non FB heads).

via KitKat


Sintex Era :: Hands to the Aether

Lately I’ve been really getting back into music. I don’t know what it is. Maybe its the good vibes of summer or just that people are pumping out a log of quality music these days. Either way, I figured I’d share a couple of joints that I’ve been diggin in the hope that you’ll feel it too. This one is from the homie Sintex Era. We actually slave at the same plantation and I’ve been asking about his new project for a minute. Finally took the time to look him up and caught wind of this joint. Wasn’t mad at all. Some real underground, Raw94 type ish. Give it a listen…

I’ve never been a mad rapper;
I’m just a pissed off college educated brat bastard
…that’s a rapper.

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Butta Verses ft. D. Schwartz :: Join Me

Doxside Daylight EP Cover
Butta Verses feat. D. Schwartz
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Fashawn :: Intro

Fashawn - Boy Meets World album cover
Boy Meets World