Hennessy :: Art of Blending

Dope documentary put together by Hennessy artistry bringing together a bevy of your favorite artists live on stage to the backdrop of the Legendary Roots crew. Makes for a great organic music experience. Directed by Thibault De Longeville of ‘Just for Kicks‘ fame.

Full video here or here (for the non FB heads).

via KitKat

Trailer | Night Catches Us


Something about this movie just feels real and authentic to me. I love movies about black life in the 70s. They say it was the time when blackness was perfected. I couldn’t agree more. I’m still mad that they cast Anthony Mackie to be Tupac in Notorious (Bokeem Woodbine, anyone?!). But the chemistry between he and former She Hate Me screen mate Kerry Washington is unmistakable. So I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. Planning to go see this at the movies of course, since I watch most of my movies at home, because I have a good TV with a full motion tv wall mount, but I plan to do the exception for this. You should do the same. Gotta support black media. #knowdat