Mickey Factz :: Paradise

I know I’m prolly late to this but I was doing my usual perusing thru the halls of Vevo when I came across this joint by Mickey Factz. Not the biggest fan of his but I definitely respect his grind. Scoring that Honda endorsement deal without an album or even a hot single out was a huge look. Guess he figured it was time to take care of the latter and bless the streets with some heat and this one doesn’t disappoint. Love the way this video was shot. The edits are crisp and save the typical mean mug, ghetto imagery, the cinematography is on point too. I don’t know if its just wishful thinking but dude sounds eerily similar to Sonny Cheeba (of Camp Lo fame) on the hook. Come to think about it, everything about this sounds like a Lo record. Maybe that’s what drew me to it. Need to get them boyz on the remix and make this a Bronx Anthem with the homie D-Black. Cut the check!

One thought on “Mickey Factz :: Paradise”

  1. I’m really digging this video. I love the outdoor, city shots. And I’m especially feeling the skyline shot at the end. Nice. As far as the sound, dude’s lyrical delivery is on point. I’m impressed. Looking forward to whatever he comes out with next.

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