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Teena Marie
Teena Marie
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Teena Marie was a “special” woman. Truth be told, I wasn’t really up on her music till the Chappelle Show made Rick James hot again. I started digging through his old records and then that light went off in my head, like OH, she was on that record…and this one. Damn, she’s kinda ill. She was to Rick what Tami Terrell was to Marvin. They made some great music together. So I did my research from that point on and dug up a few of her classics as well, like Square Biz and this joint, Ooh La La La, which was famously sampled by the Fugees. Honestly, I always thought she was on some other ish. A white woman singing that soulful kinda threw me off. At times she used to do waaaay too much with the vocals but hey, that’s black music, and more importantly it was her style. For that I had to show respect to the ivory to our ebony. R.I.P. Sweet Thing.

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