Clever Like a Foxx

Scooped some tickets to the Jamie Foxx Live on Letterman concert at the last minute on Tuesday. Luckily I had my cam on me and was able to get a few nice shots. It was kinda tough shooting in such low light but I finally got a chance to work on my manual photography skills. Lowered the shutter speed and was still able to capture some lush images in ‘natural’ stage light. Not as sharp as I’d like but it came out alright. And oh yeah, the man put on a great show. His energy was great and he can actually sing. I don’t think there are too many people out there more talented than Jamie Foxx. Respect.


New Day, Same Cage. One of my best friends Yve the Stylist and I took a stroll across the Manhattan Bridge to get practice our photog skills. She’s new to the Nikon fam having just picked up a new D3100 that I’m completely jealous of. But that’s another story. She most def has the eye though. When we shoot together she definitely keeps me on my P’s and Q’s. This is one of the shots I took while we were crossing the bridge. Nothing too spectacular but I just like it because it depicts how I feel about being back in the city: Caged. Sucks but I’m making the most out of being home. If you take in the best of the city (especially through a lens) its actually not a bad place…

More Info

Be sure to check out Yve’s blog, The Vegan Traveler. Therein you’ll find information about the best places for a Vegan to eat around the city. I’ve been to half of these spots myself, good stuff!

Ice Cream Kids

I love taking pictures of kids. As a novice photographer they make for incredible subjects because of their expressive faces and overall activity. You can go from shooting a cute candid like this to an action shot of them playing with one another. Once again, this was my first shoot using my 55-200 mm lens. Its great for candids as you don’t have to get up close on your subject and risk losing the moment. In this picture I got caught trying to sneak in a shot but it came out well nonetheless. My cousin’s daughter Kiani is especially photogenic and this is one of my faves from the day. Can’t wait to make some more pictures at the next family event.