J. Cole :: Premeditated Murder

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights Mixtape Cover
J. Cole
Friday Night Lights – Mixtape [Download]

[audio: jcole-premeditated_murder.mp3]

“look here I paid dues, my own worst enemy so fcuk it either way I can’t lose…”

I think that most of us have that side of us that believes that we can be great. But there’s a huge difference between potential and production. Either you have that fire or you don’t. Some people have it but lose their way somewhere along that path to greatness. That’s what payin’ dues will do to you. Make you question your motives and the direction of your life, only to wish that you’d stayed the course when you’re forced to live with the bitter wisdom of old age. So if you’re out there grindin’, hold on to that dream. Its premeditated, just stay dedicated. #Believe

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