Teach the Children

Teach the Children

This is actually one of the first images I took with my camera. I walked into Central Park and saw this violinist about to give a kid a lesson so I figured I’d take a few flicks to get myself going. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t (and still don’t know) the proper etiquette for taking pictures of people you don’t know – especially kids. But I think everyone there recognized that this was a special moment so his parents didn’t seem to object. Next time, I’m going to have some business cards handy to distribute before/after taking pictures of people. I think that should ease the tension.


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5 Responses to “Teach the Children”

  1. Kenya says:

    You want and need business cards. A step in the right direction. Lovin it.

    • duepayer says:

      yeah, gotta step up my game. Let people know I’m serious about this. Can’t wait to get out West and take some fresh flix. Gonna be great.

  2. Dirtay Dima says:

    Plus…if you give out business cards, you can tell them to visit the site so that they can see themselves

  3. ID says:

    Yes you must get those cards! I love this picture, it ascertains that doing what you love WILL put a smile on your face. Keep doing what you love.

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