LA Chronicles: Murphy’s Law

Here I am. In LA! Sure the first day didn’t go so smoothly but I’m hyped. This is where I’ve always wanted to be. The land of sunshine and crooked ass one-time. I got my whip, a little bit of chips and a heart full of optimism. Saturday morning, I take a walk through the city, soaking up the sweet sunshine and hot ghetto-ness that is Downtown LA. Its like they tried to create a lil’ slice of NY, then said, “ahh, fcuk it” and gave up. I’ve already seen more Mexican folks in a day than I’ve seen in my entire life and I have Mexican folks in my fam. Bananas! But I’m all about it. Took a nice long walk through those barren streets looking for a NY fitted. One thing you must know about me is that I’m a contrarian. For the last year I’ve been rocking an LA Dodgers hat in Brooklyn. Bull stares and side eyes a’plenty but fcuk it, I’m “different.” In LA, its only right that I keep up my M.O. and rep NY hard. Per my cousin Teisha’s instructions: strictly Fitteds and Tims…no doubt! But of course, I can’t find a proper Yankee fitted in LA. Really, what was I thinkin’! So I’m stuck frontin’ in my Dodgers cap with that trying too hard NY ditty-bop… I finally made it back to my room, pressed to find a place to live while I’m out here. I only have this swanky ass hotel room booked for a few days. So I do what everyone else does, hit up Craigslist. That was the beginning of the end! I’ll explain later… I quickly found a spot, met up with the dude, give him my deposit and get my keys. Boom! I’m set. Everything’s luv luv. Or so it seemed…