LA Chronicles: Day 1

LA, LA, big city of dreams…and schemes it seems. You know, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of even blogging about my experience out here at all. Its been so crazy that I haven’t quite had the time to gather my thoughts. Of course at first I was completely engulfed in the novelty of it all – the beautiful weather and women, my new gig, etc – and loving it. But that feeling faded pretty quickly. Here’s why…

The flight was packed early in the morning and I hadn’t slept the night before. So when I landed I was just eager to get to my room and catch up on some sleep. So I grab my bags and hop on the bus to pick up my car. It was way cheaper for a monthly rental across town so I chose that option: wrong move! While I’m on my way across town I check my itinerary and it says that I was supposed to pick up my car at the airport. So I panic, stumble off the bus and head back the other way. During the ride back to LAX I finally get a hold of the guy at AVIS and he tells me I was actually headed the right way in the first place. Already frustrated and peeved, I wait, hop back on the bus and make my way to Brentwood. I finally get there 40 minutes later, dude hands me the keys and I hop in the car, thirsty to get to my room quickly to drool on my pillow. Then it dawns on me…I haven’t driven in like 5 years and have no idea where I’m going. I punch in the address of my hotel in Google Maps on my iPhone, sans the ZIP code (which I’d soon come to find out is a huuuuge no-no in LA) and pull out of the spot in straight granny mode. You know, 2 miles an hour so everybody see’s you. Then I hop on the 405 and am instantly greeted by that infamous LA traffic. But its all good though ’cause I’m in LA, right?! Living the dream! … 3 HOURS LATER I arrive at what I believe is my destination waaaay out in West Covina but I don’t see a hotel. I drive by the spot like 3 or four times and realize something isn’t right. So I search again and realize that in LA there are a ton of streets that have the same address and the only true distinction is the ZIP code. Come to find out that my hotel was in Downtown LA, about another 40 min drive away. By now, I’m so tired and pissed off I’m madder than cow disease. But I grit my teeth and start to head back. Then of course, my iPhone dies. Now I’m driving blindly on the highway, not sure if I’m still headed in the right direction so I decide to pull out the nearest exit to get my bearings and ask for directions. Now I’m smack dab in the middle of an Asian community. Like China Town on steroids. LA is huge! But I realized that my blackberry still had juice. Certainly not as elegant and easy to use as my iPhone but it def did the trick. I hopped back on the highway, left hand on the wheel, right hand holding up my crackberry following that beacon, straight swervin’. I finally made it to the telly, completely exhausted and mentally spent. Pull up to the valet. “That’ll be 40 dollars”…sigh.

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HAHAHA… I am sorry to hear this experience was soo unsettling. When Alex, Andy and I came to L.A. we were also greeted with misfortune when we couldn’t rent a car because we were under 25 and had to bus it the whole time.

that’s the worst. I can’t imagine not having my car. the bus system is crazy out here. you can get around fine but that sh*t ain’t for me. I’m over public transportation. Gonna hate the train when I get back.

Is it wrong that I giggled at this so much? On a serious note, sorry you had to go through that; i felt like I was there with you as I was reading it and was equally frustrated. But there’s always a silver lining: at least one good thing came out of this: BLACKBERRY >>>> iphone. The end.

That was SOME trip that you had. U know…i’ve been pondering giving up my crackberry for the Droid recently and you made me soooo happy that I haven’t. Good ole’ faithful never lets me down.

Anyway, sounds like u need to take it eaasssy bruh!

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