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dead prez - RBG album cover
dead prez
RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta

the herbs, the healing, the quiet meditation, the truth, revealed, through daily dedication…

Its Black History Month so I figured I’d set off the celebration with a cut from hip hop’s favorite militants, dead prez. This RBG album is a personal fave of mine. The title alone is striking, Revolutionary But Gangsta. You know, I never thought it made sense to be a rebel without a cause and I think that’s been a problem with today’s generation. They weren’t raised to exert their energy, good or bad, towards any cause but to be make (fast) money and keep it gangsta by any means necessary. I can only imagine if they applied some of the principles in this song towards fighting for collective advancement. Not trying to preach, just saying that would be a beautiful thing. Gotta teach them chirrens.

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